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Rumaanah Haffajee
24 November 2003

To teacher Saagida I came to you on the 16thJanuary 2002, holding onto my.mummy for dear.life. to u gently took my hand and dried my tears. I was so scared and unsure. You were gentle and kind! Because of your time and patience, I leave here today, the most confident little girl! Thank you for giving me the most positive start to school. I will always remember you! Tons of love Rumaanah

Mr I Jardine
Ilham's Dad

Teacher Saagida, My daughter had truly blossomed into a confident little lady due to her exposure to the professional teaching methods rendered by kindergarten kids. She always speaks of her wonderful teachers at school and her fondness for them has grown to know no limits. for this kindness, respect and unconditional love shown towards her we are forever grateful, as this is really the start of a life, which knows only happiness and love. I applaud yourself and the great work done by the educators of your institution. I would always recommend kindergarten kids to any parent who really wishes the best for their kids education. Keep up the good work guys because every child's life that has been touched by your positive attitude is without a doubt a stepping stone towards the making of a great leader in whatever facet of life that child May venture into. Best wishes from my family and myself to all at Kindergarten kids

Tasmiyah Dudhia
29 / 11 / 2006

To all at Kindergarten kids I thank you for all that you have taught me and guided me through my pre-school years. Those years will never come back and I have treasured every moment spent with you. I have trident be at my best at all times, but without you this would not have been possible. As I write this letter it brings tears to my eyes to leave you, but all I have left to say is that you have been special to me and one thing I want you to k ow is that you have made me grow from a young girl to a young lady. Love Tasmiyah Dudhia

Raeesah Waja
Ismaeel's Mom

Teacher Saagida, Thank you for the wonderful environment you have created. Ismaeel enjoyed the last two years at Kindergarten kids. You can be truly proud of your achievements. Kindergarten kids is an outstanding environment for early learning.