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Teenen Rangan
Mum and Dad

Teacher Saagida, A special thank you for making us as parents feel comfortable enough to leave our angels with you. And our decision for 2012 was the best that we would have ever done. I would never hesitate to refer any parent to you, you are sweet and warm by nature which makes you great at what you do . "Keep it up" for all your hard work will be rewarding in many different ways. My heart just breaks that my son is not happy leaving. He loves kindergarten kids. I just wish you everything of the best for 2013. You deserve it. So until we meet again, it's been a pleasure...

Raadhiyah Hansrod
November 2004

I came to Kindergarten Kidz a shy little girl, 3 years ago and today I leave a very confident young lady. Thank you for the best 3 years of my life. I am sad to be leaving and wish I could spend my schooling life at Kindergarten Kidz. I will always remember you and I promise to visit from time to time. I hope I get teachers like you for the rest of my life. Love and kisses Raadhiyah Hansrod

Ebrahim Mia
Current Headmaster Lenasia Muslim school Primary School

I would like to congratulate you for the manner in which you organised your graduation concert. The attention to detail along with an entertaining programme was enjoyed by all who attended. I pray that the almighty grants you the means and energy to continue your outstanding work.

Razeen Dawood
Razeen Dawood 2006

Just a note to say that the years I've spent at Kindergarten kids were wonderful. Thank you for allowing me to grow and thank you for guiding me when I needed help....I know that you've enjoyed me. I am going On a journey and leaving this behind but I will take all I have learned with me and make you proud..