Meet our Staff

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I am the eldest of three children and have the most amazing Mom, loving Hubby and three beautiful children of my own; Faheemah, Ilham and Daanyaal. I love Reading, swimming and most of all………travelling. I am a perfectionist by nature.

I qualified as a Montessori Directress in 1998. My first teaching post was at Harmony Primary School in Lenasia, where I facilitated a community-based pre-school. I taught at this pre-school for a few years and then served as principal. During this time spent at a traditional public school I began to fully appreciate the benefits of the Montessori method of Education. I realised that there was a huge difference between traditional teaching and the Montessori approach.

I also noticed a dire need for a Montessori pre-school in our community. I opened Kindergarten Kidz in January 2001 with the vision that “childhood should be a journey, not a race!” and haven’t looked back since.

My other qualifications include an ECD Level 5 Diploma, NAET Practitioner, Braingym® Practitioner And Educational Kinesiologist. With my expertise and vision for Early Childhood Education I trust that I can offer your child a solid, positive and happy foundation here at Kindergarten Kidz.

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I qualified in early childhood development two years ago at the college of Modern Montessori and have been teaching at Kindergarten Kidz since.

I am the youngest of two elder brothers. I have two nieces and a nephew whom I adore. My love for children and teaching little ones has always been my passion and my aspiration is to help them reach their full potential. I aim to leave my footprint in the heart of every child I teach.

Home schooling at Kindergarten Kidz offers individual attention to learners in a classroom environment. This way the learner experiences the best of both worlds.

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Hi, I am Maseeha. I initially entered the teaching field by volunteering to aid children with special needs. When I realized that I was born to be a teacher I studied studied towards a level 4 early childhood development diploma with Professional Childcare college. I then went on to complete a Bachelors Degree of Education through Unisa and am currently enrolled to complete a Level 5 Montessori diploma at the Montessori Early Learning Foundation. I am working at the school for the past 10 years. I have used my time here to work in each classroom with learners from the ages of 3-7 years of age.

I come from a large family so I’m no stranger to lots of fun, silliness and noise …qualities I believe help me to be a better teacher. I am married to a loving husband and have the most mischievous adorable son whose 2 years old. I am a very artistically inclined person. I love food and culture, animals and learning about the world and share these aspects in my class. I have a love for learning and believe it’s never to late to learn something new. I make a conscious effort to create a love for learning in my learners.

I am also a lover of reading and books and what I love most about my class is that I get to teach my kiddies the super power of reading. I try my best to get to know the kiddies in my care as best as possible and enjoy spending my time with them. I consider my job to be a privilege and honour. I love to make my kids laugh and enjoy school make new experiences possible for them. I know that teaching was what I meant to do and wouldn’t change it.

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I have qualified at Wonderkids Montessori Training Institute. My experience was actually very pleasant, I have learnt quite a lot over the 7 years of teaching and wish to always be there for my kids, academically and emotionally.

I come from a very quiet yet respected family. I have two sisters and one brother. I am convinced teaching runs in my blood. My dad and both sisters are teachers and we absolutely love what we do.

Why Montessori? I believe each child develops at their own pace and should not be compared to others. Hence I chose Montessori, because it allows that and so much more.

I enjoy hiking and the outdoors but I also enjoy my own space and a good movie with great food.

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I am a qualified BED foundation phase educator. I completed my degree in 2022 at UNISA. I have been an Educator at Kinergarten Kidz Homeschool since 2020.

I was born and raised in Lenasia. I grew up in a big family with two brothers and two sisters. I attended Al-Aqsa Primary School and matriculated at Nirvana Secondary School. After matriculating, I married my best friend, started studying and worked towards my degree to begin my dream job.

Why foundation phase? Becoming a teacher has always been my ultimate goal, as my love for little kids runs deep within. I have a passion for teaching and enjoy being in a learning environment. As a teacher I strive towards making a difference each and every day, making learning fun and molding future generations to the best of their ability.

My hobbies include outdoor adventures and nature as well as cooking.

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Hi. My name is Aadilah Mahomed. I have a 9 year old daughter and a 3 year old son.

I have over 10 years experience in the administration and finance sector however teaching has always been my passion.

I graduated with my Diploma in early childhood development at the college of modern Montessori. I love reading books , doing craft projects and being outdoors with my family.

My aim is to inspire and make a difference everyday.[/swmsc_team_member][/swmsc_simple_section][swmsc_simple_section id=”” class=”” style=””][swmsc_team_member name=”Zahrah Mahomed” position=”Playgroup Directress” title_text_color=”#2ad3a0″ image_align=”left” content_bg=”gray” id=”” class=”” style=”” image_src=”5267″]

I am the eldest of five children and with having smaller siblings my love for children started with them. I was always very hands on with kids and I always got along well with children.

Growing up I always knew teaching was what I wanted to do and it was the career I wanted to pursue and excel in, in life.

I studied at the College of Modern Montessori.

I’m a very adventurous and outdoorsy person.
I absolutely love all creatures big and small.

Some of my hobbies include reading ,playing video games,sports such as netball,cricket,soccer etc and just being out in nature .

No one is ever to old to learn and everyday is a new learning experience.

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My education, training and experience includes the following:
E.C.D Early Childhood Development Qualified Teacher, Understand Early Childhood Development, Facilitate And Monitor The Development of Babies, Toddlers,Kidz And Younger Children, Plan And Prepare For E.C.D, provide Care And Support To Babies,Toddlers, Kidz And Younger Children, Qualified In Program Office Admin, Computer Studies, Administration, Customer Relation, Meetings, Events.

I am the youngest from my siblings and married with one child, Ihsaan. I have a good personality and I am friendly. I am punctual and organized and I love being around people.